Alchemist is the latest subsidiary of Rabbit Digital Group, focusing on developing and implementing Data Activation, a concept of using data to create seamless experiences through all digital platforms.

We are a well-balanced, energetic team of business consultants, software developers, and creative people. With our diverse skill sets and experience of working with various A-list clients, we are able to tackle business challenges at holistic views, and provide end-to-end data solutions from business consulting to developing data-driven products.


Unifying and using customer data to create end-to-end experience through all digital channels


  • Bringing in data from different sources, platforms, and formats
  • Unifying all data into centralized platform

Value unlocked

  • Data Integration & transformation
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Protection & privacy setting

Impact out

  • Developing data-driven products
    • - App-in-App
    • - One-to-One Automation
    • - Chatbot / IOT
    • - Ad optimization
    • - Business Intelligence

Data Activation
is not just about
using tools

Successful Data Activation

is not about how much data you have
It’s more about relevancy of data,
and how to use it

Data strategy
is a long-shot game.

It is not just an expense.
It is an investment.

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